Fritz Guy

“Some congregations may be better served by a woman than by a man, and they ought to have that opportunity. So that’s why I think the “one size fits all” approach is practically inadequate; it doesn’t maximize the spiritual potential of the church. We need to make use of all the talent we have, and a lot of that talent resides in women. I am sure there are a lot of conferences where that would be a mistake; I am sure there are other other conferences, and this is one of them, where not ordaining women would be a mistake. And the people who are in the best position to make that decision are the people who are there: not a committee of dedicated, well-meaning people elsewhere, but the people in the situation.

A yes in San Antonio will mean that the church is in the process of preserving & increasing its spiritual unity even as we respect each others’ differences. I think God obviously is a champion of diversity, God has certainly created a diverse human race, so let’s make use of our diversity for the glory of God and the fulfillment of His will.”