Gerald D. Penick, Sr.

“Look and see what God is doing for women who are preaching in different areas of the world. I understand that in places, like in Africa, that there are women who are preaching and preaching with power. There are women who are preaching throughout this division and preaching with power. And some of their conferences, I’m not saying they like to ordain them, but they’re still preaching with power and souls are being brought into the church because of what these women are doing.
I believe that God is going to, in a very special way, instill more of the power of the Holy Spirit upon these women and our men to bring to a close this world, as they begin to preach with power that Jesus Christ is coming soon and that we must get ready. And as they hear that coming from both men and women and knowing that God is speaking through them, I believe that those men and women who are listening will give their hearts to Jesus Christ because they feel the impulse of God working in their lives.
I’d like to see a church that’s very open to both men and women preaching freely. Both having the same responsibilities in ministry and also being given the same opportunities in ministry. I think that my children today as they look on—in fact I have 2 sons already in the ministry—children today as they’re growing up, they need to see that we’re not playing games. That we are honestly trying to find ways to finish this work with men and women with the power of God working in their lives, preaching the gospel and bringing others into the church to help finish this work that Jesus may soon come.”