Kendra Haloviak Valentine

“We need to vote yes for unity because of the gospel. If we believe that we are equal at the foot of the cross, if we believe that we are saved by the wondrous grace of God, if that’s our theology, policies that are hierarchical in nature are diametrically opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We cannot believe that we are equal when it comes to salvation and then say that God’s hands are tied when it comes to calling us to certain kinds of ministries. That doesn’t mean that we’re all called to the same kinds of ministries. We’re given different talents and interests and personalities. But that God can call anyone God chooses because of the wondrous reality of the gospel that we embrace.
And I have heard people say, “Ugh, when are we going to be finished with this issue? When is this going to behind us once and for all?” And my response is, it will not go away as long as our policies are at odds with the gospel. It will continue to be an issue for our church because we are at war with ourselves at some very fundamental level.
So let’s embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ not only in a theological sense, but in a sense in which theology directly moves us when it comes to our policies and the way we treat each other. It’s an issue of the gospel, an idea of the hierarchy of people just doesn’t work the gospel.”