Randy Speyer

“Well, I think “Yes” vote because we embrace who we are as Adventist. I mean, we began with I believe embracing women in ministry—Ellen White a good example of that. I think a “Yes” vote because we’re true to scripture, and I think a “Yes” vote ultimately because if you look at our churches the vast majority of our people sitting in the pews are women, so we free women to get involved in ministry and bring in the kingdom of God and further the soon return of Jesus Christ, so, we become a healthier church by freeing up more than half of our membership roles to do ministry. Yeah, some of the most important leaders in our church, some of the, I think, people who have had such an impact on my life and I think on the church have been women. So, yeah, let’s just free them up to do what they do. It’s the body of Christ, it’s the way we work.”