Sandy Roberts

“You know, working in a conference that ordains women, and personally having that privilege of being an ordained pastor, it affirms the ministry that we are called to do and we’re already doing. It is wonderful to be part of the body of Christ—where we do believe in the priesthood of all believers—to have that affirmation, and to be able then to give that to other women and men side-by-side as we work together in ministry, so there’s no difference. I think it’s wonderful to have that culture, that opportunity, and that privilege to work side-by-side with equal recognition.

It’s a phenomenal experience, it’s a phenomenal mission, and it is a phenomenal work of God. So, for the sake of mission that we’re called to—in our conference, we frame it by saying “We are called to expand the kingdom of God”—so let’s just do this, because we need to get our mission done.”